Unlock! Timeless Adventures

Unlock & Undo

2 à 6 joueur·se·s

60 à 120 min


Guillaume Montiage, Aristide Bruyant, Yohan Servais

Cyrille Bertin., Pierre Santamaria, Legruth

Space Cowboys


With Unlock! Timeless Adventures, Unlock! is back at home. In this 6th part, this game inspired by the escape rooms offers you three new exciting adventures in three different worlds:

- The Noside Show: The Diosen Circus arrives in your city in June 2019! Clown Rogoli, Finn Lamm, The Brandon's and all our artists await you alongside the most formidable presdigi...presgidit...prestigious...magicians, an extraordinary 60-minute performance!
- Arsène Lupin's challenge: Experience a treasure hunt in the Paris of the Universal Exposition!
- Lost in the ChronoWarp: Professor Alcibiade Tempus' time machine has gone wild! Find him before you disrupt the space-time continuum!

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